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Sakura Elevator is a professional manufacturer of high quality elevators. To produce high quality elevators, we abide by the philosophies of, “Technical Leadership, Excellent Quality, and Service First”. We have expanded our factory gradually to ensure su cient production capacity. The scale of our new factory is comparable and even exceeds that of major international manufacturers.

Our product line encompasses various typed of elevators, including Home elevators, Passenger elevators, Observation elevators, Hospital elevators, Car elevators, Parking facilities and more. All of our products are the culmination of craftsmanship, technology, and aesthetics. The

four major depart- ments in our company, the R&D design, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, and Accounting departments, all work together to transform enclosed spaces into the safest, most comfortable vertical transportation products for our clients.

Hence, to uphold international quality as our Standard, such as the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, SASO Certi cate, Singapore, the structure identi- ed, And Taiwan, China and many other types of Certi cation.
Especially we obtained the European CE Certi cate in 2009 & UCMP Certi cate in 2014 bring SAKURA won the highest international speci cations, quality assurance, in 2011 by the Japanese government, Anti-smoke Doors certi ed for re counter- measures, also due to the continuous research and innovation, Achieve numerous domestic and foreign patents.
It’s not only an honour of our company, but the glory of Asia. Dream lift for home use – Make you ride comfort & ease to use.

Each of the elevators are subject to strict quality control, access to a number of international. The quality of the affirmative, and in 2009 received the European CE certification (elevator machine), it is not only the glory of the company, but also the pride of the whole of Taiwanese people, the other cherry lift a few years ago also won the Middle East Saudi Arabia SASO certification, and the Chinese mainland a number of types of certification, but also because of continuous research and development, have made a number of patents at domestic and abroad. 

Pursuit of quality is a shared goal for all of our employees. In terms of hardware, we insist on the use of AMADA equipment from Japan, supplemented with computer- based production and a stringent quality system. Our philosophy is being serious, professional, committed, and insistent as we pursue the highest quality of manufacture in the World

“Our Commitment for Quality and Excelent product is built inside every single personal who get involved start from the first line to the end of the line. We use our biggest heart to bring the safest and high standard manufacturing system to our customer”


Our Commitment for Quality and Excelent Product is built inside every single personal who get involved start from the first line to the end of the line.

Our Manufacturing is very strictly control with the Best Japaneses Quality Control Management System, to pursuit the best product to our client.


To produce high quality elevators, we abide by the philosophies of, “Technical Leadership, Excellent Quality, and Service First”. 

With our leadership of International Standard Management System each department from Management, Sales, Marketing and Accounting playing an important role on steering the greatest standard of every aspect.

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Research Developement

With our Safety First Filosophy our R&D is set with the Safety Concern first to every single aspect, and our design are strictly passed the Japan Safety Regulation.

For special or Custom Design Elevator you could contact and get consult to our Team, we have made vertical and horizontal move elevator, double deck elevator, and many more.

Technical Support

Our Team is trained and certified to fullfill the best product and services to our customer around the world

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Technical Leadership

Professional Trained Team

Excelent Quality

High quality material and product

Service First

With Smart Monitoring System

International Certification

Our Smart Monitoring System(SMS) could monitoring every elevator health and condition, giving the fastest respond to our customer feedback and services

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All our product are international certified, our product have strictly pass the International CE certification, German TUV most efficiency elevator machine with Class A Grade, and pass Japan Safety Structure and Construction Certification, also pass the Singapore Government Special Structure Elevator Design and Safety. We keep improving and innovation to reeinvention the Elevator Technology.